January 2018

Structured Credit Investor
“Non-QM tipped as ’next opportunity’”

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Non-QM: Non-qualified mortgages.
ABS: Asset-backed securities.
REIT: Real estate investment trust.
GSE: Government-sponsored entity.
MACRs: Modifiable and combinable REMICs (a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that is used to pool mortgage loans and issue mortgage-backed securities).
CAS: Connecticut Avenue Securities, a CRT issuance by Fannie Mae.
STACR: Structured Agency Credit Risk, a CRT issuance by Freddie Mac.
Cash flow: Mortgages typically have required monthly interest and principal payments which are collected by servicers of mortgage-backed securities trusts, which in turn distribute these payments to MBS investors.
NPL/RPL: Non-performing loans/Re-performing loans.
RMBS: Residential mortgage-backed securities.
Duration: Measure of a bond or bond portfolio’s sensitivity to changes in interest rates.

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